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Air Halo -- Fursuit Cooling System

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AirHalo brings an easy to install solution to keep performers face cool; its simple design uses blower fans through a connected tube to push air through holed couplers that you can turn to direct air where you need it most. Each fan outputs roughly 15 to 20cfm which is plenty of air to keep your face cool when feeling the heat; easily power the fans through a USB connector which can be plugged into a power bank. You can also customize the AirHalo to the desired length by cutting to fit around your head and/or for providing air in other locations with additional couplers.


  • Innovative unique cooling system for costumed performers
  • Adaptable & customizable to your suit & head size
  • Designed & Assembled in the USA by NueFox


Images are of prototype unit, final version may differ from pictures shown.

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