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ASCII Version 2.0

Hello from team Bossmonsta! We decided to give ASCII a computer upgrade, with a reformat of ram and upgraded graphics we now make it glow! Various parts now react to...

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It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.... shork?

Hey everyone, Bossmonsta team here! Have you seen our new items coming? Looks almost like we have a feeding err... friendly frenzy of shorks coming in. This time they are...

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New Products have appeared! Items Approaching!

Before we say hi [insert siren sound if you get the reference]. Anywho, hello from the Bossmonsta Team! Have you been seeing all our new products coming out? Well we...

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We sorted the merch inventory especially for speed runners.

Meet the Protobean

The bestest friend bean

Protobeans are based off the species of protogen and can easily become your companion in all your missions. We have many skin colors to collect and even special ones here and there. Shop protobeans and more protogen merch!

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