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We sorted the merch inventory especially for speed runners.

Meet the Protobean

The bestest friend bean

Protobeans are based off the species of protogen and can easily become your companion in all your missions. We have many skin colors to collect and even special ones here and there. Shop protobeans and more protogen merch!

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Some places to find us!

Some places to find us, give us a follow!

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Black Friday It's already here! 30% Off

It keeps getting earlier and earlier, well it is ACTUALLY Black Friday now. We're happy you're here with us, we have a great deal for those of you who have...

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Hey onlooker! We made a new website!

Yup, We made a new website and put into the theme of being the Final Boss. Get it? Final Boss... Boss Monsta? Oh well I hope you do. Please explore...

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